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MedTech Product Development Company

Hybrisan is a MedTech company founded to solve problems of bioburden and biofilm in healthcare and the treatment of chronic wounds. We have developed a unique technology in our WoundSan® platform; primed to spark a rejuvenation of global wound care solutions.

Multi-platform technology

WoundSan has been specifically designed to adapt to various methods of application – including foam, irrigation, contact layers, and more.


WoundSan’s high efficacy and broad-spectrum are paired with low cytotoxicity, allowing for gentle, effective treatment.

High efficacy and biofilm disruption

Over 90% of chronic wounds contain bacteria and fungi living within a biofilm. WoundSan has been developed to tackle biofilms and ensure healing.

Our Vision

Hybrisan was founded to investigate and solve the issues of bioburden and biofilm in the healthcare industry through new and innovative techniques.


A world without chronic infection


To improve the quality of lives impacted by chronic infection through innovation


To provide superior technological solutions for infection control that are ethical and affordable to all and preferred by Healthcare Professionals.

Phone: 01639 898150

Address: Cramic Way, Port Talbot, SA13 1RU