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1. What is WoundSan®?

WoundSan® is an innovative patent-pending technology developed by Hybrisan to treat chronic wounds more efficiently. It is highly effective against infection-causing bacteria and biofilm.

2. What is biofilm?

A biofilm is a community of microorganisms that have stuck together and ‘put down roots’ which are thick and viscous, acting like a ‘film’ on the surface. This film can be resistant to topical agents and facilitates the growth cycle of bacteria and other microorganisms that contribute to chronic infection.

3. Why is WoundSan® so innovative?

WoundSan® technology is able to effectively disrupt biofilm and clean wounds of bacteria, all while being gentle and low in cytotoxicity.
Other woundcare solutions are often only marginally effective or harsher in their treatment.

4. What makes WoundSan® so effective?

The WoundSan® technology has been developed through years of research with the intention of revolutionising wound care.
The unique technology combines all the benefits of other treatments into a multi-platform solution.

5. Is WoundSan® Safe?

Yes. WoundSan® technology has been developed specifically to facilitate gentle treatment and be low in cytotoxicity. 

6. When will WoundSan® be available to use?

WoundSan® technology is currently undergoing regulatory approval as an irrigation solution for acute and chronic wounds. This is expected to be available in Q2 2023.

7. How was WoundSan® developed?

WoundSan® was developed by a team of scientists specifically to target biofilm whilst remaining low in cytotoxicity. This was the result of several years of doctoral research.

8. What does the future of WoundSan® look like?

WoundSan® is being developed into a range of wound care interventions for the treatment of all stages of chronic wounds. The technology is expecting regulatory approval in Q1 2023.

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