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The Facilities

Our multipurpose Research and Development laboratories were purpose built. Keeping Microbiology, Materials Engineering, Pharmaceuticals and Nanotechnology expertise all under the same roof. We are equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology to transform WoundSan® Technology into innovative medical devices as effective antimicrobial and antibiofilm chronic wound care interventions.

Microbiology R&D Lab

The R&D lab is proficient in developing meticulously tailored solutions, leading to innovative medical device discovery projects. With a BSL-2 compliant HSE approved microbiology lab, antimicrobial studies comprising, but not limited to antimicrobial standard testing for inhibitory & bactericidal concentrations, Biofilm eradication assay, antibacterial mechanism of action activities.

Quality Control Lab

Quality by Design (QbD) is a set of principles adopted by Hybrisan to ensure quality control in antimicrobial and nanofibres technology testing remains optimum. It’s part of a regimen of extensive processes and protocols Hybrisan has developed to optimise, validate produce and deliver high-quality products that are both safe and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Nanofibre Technology Lab

Hybrisan have expertise in electrospinning of nanofibres, particularly at industrially acceptable scale. Hybrisan laboratories have the equipment required to rapidly develop, optimise and manufacture prototype nanofibre products at a production ready scale using their free-surface electrospinning production line. Furthermore, Hybrisan have a range of analytical equipment such as a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and characterisation equipment to ensure nanofibers are optimised and manufactured to the highest of standards.


Phone: 01639 898150

Address: Cramic Way, Port Talbot, SA13 1RU